How can we determine the right ring size?

The most common women’s ring size is 54.

 How can I find my ring size?

A ring size can be determined in several ways. Below are several measuring techniques, out of which the first two are most commonly used. For most accurate results, it is advised to use a couple of techniques and compare the results.


Method 1:

(the inside circumference in mm): Use a strip of paper and measure the circumference of the ring you are currently wearing from the inside. If the value is 56 mm, then the ring size is 56. 


Method 2:

(the inside diameter in mm): Use a ruler (or a measuring tape) to measure the inside diameter of the ring you are currently wearing. The obtained value in mm multiply by Pi (π). If the inside diameter was 17 mm, then your size would be 53.40 (17 mm x 3.14159 = size 53.40).

 If we do not have your size (e.g. 49) in stock, buy size 50 because technically both sizes should fit. Measure and determine other sizes in an analogical way. If we have you size in stock, we will exchange it for you for the delivery price. If it is necessary to make your size or resize your ring, you will be entitled to 50% off any jewellery service.


Here are some ring sizers. Print them out and cut according to instructions.




When measuring, wrap the paper around the finger and pull to a comfortable snug fit. Also pay attention to your knuckles, which is your thickest part, to ensure that the ring slides comfortably. The instructions on how to use the sizer together with the sizers can be downloaded here: 

The ring sizer can be downoloaded here >> Ring sizers (pdf)

 Ring sizer  Ring sizer


Another simple way of finding the ring size is by measuring the circumference of the finger:

  • Cut a longer piece of 5mm/0.20’’ strip of paper
  • wrap the paper around the finger you want to measure
  • with a pen, mark the place where the paper overlaps (see the picture below)
  • use the ruler or tape to measure the distance between the beginning of the paper strip and the marked place
  • the measured value (in mm) refers to the ring size, e.g. the distance of 56 mm refers to ring size 56

 Ring sizers


Another method of determining the ring size is by measuring the inside diameter of the ring or the inside of the ring traced on a piece of paper (see the picture).

text vo videu:

determining the ring size – circular ring size chart

Measure the inside circumference by placing the ring on the circular ring chart   


Careful, the circle should match the inside of the ring. 

Use the chart to identify the ring size. 

Ring size Ring size Inside diameter [mm] Ring size Ring size Inside diameter [mm] Ring size Ring size Inside diameter [mm] Ring size Ring size Inside diameter [mm]
37 11,8 46 14,6 55 17,5 64 20,4
38 12,1 47 15 56 17,8 65 20,7
39 12,4 48 15,3 57 18,1 66 21
40 12,7 49 15,6 58 18,5 67 21,3
41 13,1 50 15,9 59 18,8 68 21,7
42 13,4 51 16,2 60 19,1 69 22
43 13,7 52 16,6 61 19,4 70 22,3
44 14 53 16,9 62 19,7 71 22,6
45 14,3 54 17,2 63 20,1 72 22,9


It is important to realize that determining the right ring size largely depends on the body temperature ant time of the day. Warm and cold fingers are different in size, thus their circumference varies.


Warm/cold fingers:

It is best to be sized when fingers are at room temperature, i.e. your hands are neither too warm nor too cold. If you got sized when your hands were cold and used a ring at normal hand temperature, the ring would feel a bit more snug than expected (fingers shrink when you are cold) and vice versa.


The inside diameter of the ring:

The inside diameter of the circle on the circular sizing chart and the inside diameter of the ring you are trying to size have to match.