Model: IZ4642
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Material: 585/1000 Gold, Theme: Crosses, Determination: Unisex, Weight: 1.37 grams, Purity: 0.585, Gold color: Yellow gold, Width: 13 mm, Height: 25 mm, Pendant eyelet diameter: 5 mm, Status: We are sorry, this jewelry is currently not available in stock,
The gold pendant with the passion on the plate is made of yellow 14 carat gold. The pendant has the shape of a plate reminiscent of rolled parchment, the center of which is decorated with the three-dimensional passion of Jesus Christ. The surface treatment of the pendant is high gloss in combination with matting and engraving in the form of rays, which creates an interesting play of light. The width of the pendant with the torture on the plate is 13 mm, and its height, including the loop for the chain, is 25 mm. The diameter of the pendant's eye is 5 mm, but if necessary, our goldsmiths will adapt it to your chain, or to the chain you choose for it. We recommend it as a gift. Contact us... This jewelry is made of 14 carat gold.

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