Gold plated silver hoop earrings with heart charms - IS3673
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Model: IS3673
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Product description

Internal height of earring's eyelet:23 mm
Earring's profile:Round
Earring's fastening:sliding ring
Diameter of circle earrings: ∅ 2.5 cm
Silver weight:2.18 grams
Diameter: 23,25 mm
Width: 9,30 mm
Status:We are sorry, this jewelry is currently not available in stock
Classic women's round hoop earrings IS3673, made of 925 Sterling Silver. The jewelry is gold-plated with 14-karat yellow gold, the layer is 10 microns thick. Precise processing gives this jewelry a real exclusive golden look. Currently, these jewelry are experiencing a huge comeback in the fashion world and are in high demand.

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