Warranty claims

Warranty claims follow the Civil Code and Act on Protecting Consumer’s Rights. Warranty claims should take place without undue delay. If you have questions related to the warranty claims, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone +421 2 2101 1011.



1/ Buyer has to fill in the warranty claims form, in which s/he provides his/her first name and surname, address, phone number, order number, date of delivery, and description of the damage on account of which the product is being returned.


2/ Buyer has to send the original or photocopied invoice received together with the ordered product (the invoice serves both as a proof of purchase and for the purpose of warranty claim). Otherwise, the product cannot be considered for warranty claim. Unfortunately, we do not issue a duplicate invoice if the original one gets lost.


3/ Put the item you are returning into a plastic envelope, commonly sold at any post office. Send it to our address; we recommend you send it as insured post. 

Your shipment has to include the following:

  • The jewellery item - in the original packaging, if possible
  • Invoice that functions as Warranty Certificate (original or its photocopy)
  • Order form
  • Completed Warranty claims form  

Please, be aware of the consumer rights based on which in distance selling the consumer is not entitled to cancel a contract if the subject matter of the contract is not a prefabricated item, i.e. an item not declared to be IN STOCK, i.e. if it is an item customized as specified by Buyer, or an item made to Buyer’s personal liking. An example of this are resized rings or personalized items (e.g. by engraving).


4/ If the item to be considered for warranty claim is delivered by the courier service, in view of the contract made with that specific courier service, we can check the product and the necessary documentation. If the necessary documentation is missing upon delivery and the product is delivered by a different delivery company and they will not allow us to check if the shipment contains all required items, it will make all the process of confirming the delivery more difficult.


5/ Buyer has to send Seller either the original or photocopied invoice that s/he received upon the product delivery (the invoice also serves the function of a proof of purchase and for the purpose of warranty claim). Seller will process the request immediately or up to 3 days if the matter is more complicated. In justified cases, especially if it is necessary to undertake complex technical assessment, it may take up to 30 days from the date that the warranty claim is claimed. After this period, Buyer is entitled to cancel the contract or to have the product replaced with a new one. Seller is obliged to issue a written confirmation of processing the warranty claim not later than 30 days after the warranty claim was claimed.


Seller has to process and complete the warranty claim request in one of the following ways:

  1. by handing in and/or shipping a repaired product
  2. by replacing a defective product
  3. by refunding the original item cost
  4. by issuing an adequate discount off the item cost
  5. by justified refusal of warranty claim

Buyer is entitled to the rights under the warranty only if the product has a defect that is caused by manufacturer, supplier, or seller, if the product is under warranty coverage, and if it was purchased from Seller. In other cases, Seller cannot repair the defective product within the warranty period. If Buyer is notified about this and still requests repair, s/he (i.e. Buyer) is obliged to pay for any costs related to repair service and fixing the defective product.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by Buyer’s improper use of the product, i.e. if the damage is subject to using the product in inadequate and/or unsuitable environment conditions, to careless treatment, malpractice, unauthorised assembly, inappropriate handling and usage, improper care, or inappropriate setup.

All repairs rightly claimed within warranty period are free of charge. The right of free repair is invalidated if the product is tampered with by an unauthorised person, even though the warranty period has not expired. Also, Seller retains the right not to give refund for this product or not to replace this product with a different one.

Seller will ship the product to Buyer’s address at their own expense. Along with the product, the shipment will include a report on the claim and photo documentation (a picture of the product upon delivery + a picture of the repaired product).

Upon completing the warranty claim process, the warranty period is prolonged by the time necessary to perform the warranty service. If the warranty claim request was completed in the form of replacement with a new product, then the warranty time will start on the day of completing the warranty claim request.

Upon request of the Slovak Trade Inspection Commission, Seller is obliged to give a proof of a photocopy of warranty claim request receipt, to give the reasons why it is not possible to immediately determine the appropriate way of processing the warranty claim request, or why it is not possible to process the warranty claim request right after determining the appropriate way of repair, to send the outcome of expert assessment and a photocopy of a report on the warranty claim request processing. If Buyer submits a warranty claim request within the first 12 months from the date of purchase, Seller can refuse to process it only based on the outcome of expert assessment. If Buyer submits a warranty claim request later than 12 months from the date of purchase and Seller refuses it, the person dealing with the request—in the report—has to provide the information on to whom Buyer can send the product for expert assessment. If Buyer has the product assessed by the indicated person, Seller bears all assessment costs and any other duly incurred expenses irrespective of the assessment outcome. If the assessment process proves that Seller is responsible for the product defect, Buyer can claim warranty claim again; during the assessment process, the cooling-off warranty right applies. Seller is obliged to immediately refund Buyer for any costs related to the arranged assessment as well as any duly incurred expenses. A repeated warranty claim request cannot be refused.

Upon delivery, Seller is obliged to acknowledge the receipt of the warranty claim request. If the warranty claim is not claimed in person, Seller has to deliver the receipt of the warranty claim request immediately; if it is not possible to do so immediately, it should be delivered without undue delay, at latest together with the report on the completion of the request. The acknowledgement of receiving the warranty claim request need not be delivered if Seller can prove the receipt of the warranty claim request in a different way.

Seller has to keep a record of warranty claim requests and make it available to the Slovak Trade Inspection Commission, if required. The record has to contain the information on the date of receiving a warranty claim request, date and manner of its processing, and the number of warranty claim request receipt.

Processing warranty claim request does not affect Buyer’s right to compensation for damage according to special directive.




With your request for warranty claim, please submit this Warranty claims form that can be downloaded here.