The Assay Office

The Assay Office is a state administrative body set up to hallmark and assay precious metal items in order to protect the consumers’ interests as well as those of precious metal manufacturers and dealers.


As required by the Hallmarking Act, the Assay Office:

  • runs a register of precious metal manufacturers and dealers
  • assays and hallmarks precious metal items
  • oversees the local jewellery sector to ensure that traders have their products assayed


iZlato, s.r.o. is duly entered into the list of precious metal dealers in Slovakia, registered at the Assay Office.

All merchandise is subject to the Assay Office testing. This is to say that each and every gold jewellery item was assayed by the Assay Office before it was offered for purchase. The merchandise is stamped by hallmarks valid in Slovakia as well as in EU countries.

Moreover, the Assay Office can place mock orders so that they can attest to the gold purity.