How to use discount codes?

Discount codes are used in the following way:

  1. Every discount code has a specific value.
  2. Only one discount code can be applied to an order.
  3. Every discount code is for limited time only; i.e. if the code has expired, it is not possible to use it anymore.
  4. Discount codes can be either one-time-use or multiple-use.


One-time-use discount codes can be used once only and are transferrable.

  • Anybody who knows the code, can use it; that’s why keep this information secure.


Multiple-use discount codes are issued in certain quantity only and in limited validity period.

  • This code is valid till the stocks last or till the expiry date.


How are discount codes used?

  • Firstly, add items to the shopping basket.

  • When you are done shopping, enter your code in the “Discount code” box; then click on “Use the discount code”.
  • The order total will be automatically discounted in compliance with the percentage value of your discount code.
  • Only one discount code can be applied to an order.


Use of discount code preview

How to use discount code