Model: CS9RI1915
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Material: 375/1000 Gold, Determination: Women, Weight: 1.29 grams, Purity: 0.375, Gold color: Bi Colour gold, Width: 6 mm, Height: 6 mm, Status: We are sorry, this jewelry is currently not available in stock, Stone: Zircon, Style: Square,
Amazingly romantic engagement ring is made of combined gold. The lines of the ring in yellow gold widen slightly in the upper part and result in a crown of white gold. It is decorated with a four-fold radiant central zircon. The crown is accentuated by twelve smaller zircons that surround the central zircon. The elegant combination of a yellow hoop and a white crown complemented by enchanting cubic zircons creates the perfect piece of jewelry, where the perfect fit of the zircons is in perfect harmony with the unique design of the ring.

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